The Most Popular and Achievable Positions for Fresh Asian Graduates

There are a few industries that stand out from the rest. For example, the engineering, information tech, management, and hospitality industries all provide Asian graduates with the best chances of getting hired after college. Less popular industries include the education, government, professional service, and manufacturing industries.

This isn’t to say that an Asian graduate is going to get hired at an engineering company 100% of the time– it’s simply a statistical measure that determines the likelihood of them being hired within that industry. What about city? Are there certain parts of the United States that offer better job opportunity for Asian graduates? As a matter of fact, yes! Typically speaking, cities like Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, and Lake Buena Vista offer an abundance of job opportunities for Asian graduates.

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Companies Known to Higher Asian Graduates
Let’s take a look at some American companies that are well-known for hiring Asian graduates straight out of college:

Adobe Systems: If you’ve ever used Photoshop then you’re already familiar with this company. Located in San Jose, California, Adobe Systems is a multimedia software and graphics company with over 5,000 employees. Historically, they’ve been known to higher Asian graduates straight out of college more than the average company.

Accenture: Located in New York City, New York, Accenture has more than 150,000 employees. They are a consulting firm within the IT industry. Remember earlier when we said that fresh Asian graduates are prime candidates for information technology? Well this is a perfect example of a potential job opportunity you can take.

American Express: Also located in New York City, New York, American Express has been around since 1850. They are a global payment company with more than 68,000 employees, and are perfect for new Asian graduates.

Kaiser Permanente: One of the great thing about Kaiser Permanente is that It’s located in Oakland, California, which is considered an “Asian friendly” city.
The list could obviously go on and on. Just remember that jobs within the engin